Pruning evergreens(Bananas, olives, citrus, dates, Japanese medlar)

Pruning evergreens

Pruning evergreens(Olive, citrus, dates, Japanese medlar, mango, banana) Pruning olive trees in the Nonahali in Nonahali stage that lasts 2 to 4 years of high growth and fruit production plant has not. At this point very little pruning is done only for the purpose of forming. هدف از فرم دادن درخت زیتون همانند سایر

Palm tree diseases

خشکیدگی خوشه خرما عارضه خشکیدگی خوشه خرما اولین بار در سال 1368 از استان کرمان گزارش شد و پس از چند سال علایم عارضه در سایر استان های کشور مشاهده گردید. No official report of the disease in other parts of the world do not Dates. هرساله درصد قابل توجهی از محصول خرمای کشور در اثر این عارضه

Fruit of Paradise (Date)

Unmatched palm palm fruit, vegetable monocotyledones, special tropical regions with large leaves and clusters hanging fruit with sweet taste, feed intake, and it is also hard core with a thin skin… Palm, plant monocotyledones, special tropical regions with large leaves and clusters hanging fruit with sweet taste, feed intake and …

Termite pest of palm trees (Recognition and Control)

Termite dates winged males and females, red brick with transparent wings are major arteries and veins sub pale yellow wings. Body length is about 9 mm male animals. This species of termite similar recognition of the decorations on the head and upper jaw teeth in males and other properties is Mykrvmrfvlzhyk. Termite …


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Buy Pistachio tissue culture – American

Aria seedlings Rafsanjan Pistachio producer of the highest quality hybrid seedlings in the world

Production of seedlings using tissue culture with experienced professionals from the biotechnology - Plant breeding and pharmaceuticals done .

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  • Very rapid growth
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Smart Buy Fertilizers Water Retention


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Contain preservatives, water and nutrients

This product is the result of research Water Retention founder of Desert Aria doctor Ehsan Askari Holy Shit universities in America and trying to manufacture products that compete with foreign ones.
Water Retention organic fertilizer composed of two parts that make it up the cow and chicken manure for plants and minerals such as calcium, potassium and water and preservatives …
The advantages of this fertilizer:

1.The manure retains moisture in the root zone will increase irrigation efficiency
2.Prevent the return of water to the soil surface and evaporate it and thereby prevent soil salinity.
3.In areas that are dehydrated, causing the manure acts as a miracle plant vitality and joy
4.Prevent leaching of nutrients and maintaining these elements in the root zone
5.Increase fertilizer efficiency
6.Contribute to the formation of soil aggregates
7.Permeable soil and improve its ventilation
8.Help develop and maintain healthy root
9.Contribute to the development of beneficial soil microorganisms
10.Trapped toxins and heavy metals and prevent their absorption by plants
11.Less irrigation product More
12.The possibility of increasing efficient use of fertilizers and irrigation intervals and ultimately reduce production costs .


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