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Pistachio hybrid ( American ) And connective

The reasons for tree dieback in the first year

The most important reasons for drying plants and deal with it: آبیاری نامناسب از مواردی که در آبیاری باغ های تازه احداث شد باید مورد توجه قرار داد آبیاری نهال در صبح ها یا عصرها انجام شود.اما مشاهده شده آبیاری در اواسط روز و در گرما آبیاری انجام می گیرد نکته مهم که باید مورد توجه قرار گیرد این that …

Suitable areas for planting pistachio in Iran

پسته در چه شهرهای از ایران یا چه مناطقی قابل کشت اقتصادی هست؟ این که میگویند کشت اقتصادی ، منظور این که کاشت آن مرقوم به صرفه باشد، بهترین مکان برای کشت پسته منطقه ای است که در زمستان ها به نسبت سرد (About 1200 At temperatures below 6 Degree) و از اسفندماه که زمان سبز شدن هست دمای هوای

Crown rot or Gmvz Pistachio

نشانه هاي بیماري روي قسمتهاي هوایی نهال پسته متاسفانه موقعی ظاهر می شود که بیماري طوقه و تنه نهال پسته را پوشانده باشد و در واقع نهال پسته تا سر حد مرگ پیش رفته است. روي شاخه هاي اصلی و قسمتهاي هوایی تنه حبابهاي شفاف و کوچک صمغ ترشح می شود و شاخه هاي کوچک نیز از انتها شروع به

Training pruning Pistachio

For pruning the form of Pistachio following points should be considered: 1- Maximum light, solar heating and air into the canopy of pistachio seedlings reach. 2-Bardhndh angle between the branch and the main branch of Pistachio carrying the load branches are a must 60 until the 80 درجه باشد تا در اثر وزن زیاد محصول شاخه بار دهنده از

The best time planting pistachio trees

On sunny days and warm or freezing and the days when strong winds from planting seedling Do not be the best conditions for planting pistachio cloudy days and air is calm and the best time of planting seedlings of pistachio Mval sleep Pistachio is in heat or Mtdlh and half cold climates, the best time of planting, fall asleep after …

Pistachio grafting procedures

Three hybridization of Pistachio in Iran, including the following: 1 -Pistachio tube link 2- Budding Pistachio 3- پیوند اسکنه اي نهال پسته زمان مناسب براي پیوند نهال پسته به طور عمده در اواخر اردیبهشت تا اوایل خرداد یعنی هنگامی است که درخت به راحتی پوست میدهد و دماي هوا در حد

Aria base transmission hybrid seedlings into pots

انتقال نهال ها از گلخانه های سازگاری دوم از داخل سینی های کشت به گلدان ها، در این مرحله گیاه تا حد زیادی با محیط طبیعی سازگار شده و بعد از این نیاز به سازگاری در شرایط سخت تر است. March-April, these plants have the ability to transfer to the main land.  

Buy Pistachio linked to hybrid (American)

Aria knowledge-based company producing the best and highest quality seedlings Rafsanjan Pistachio hybrid seedlings (American) In a country that has experienced the best professionals Biotechnology – Pharmaceutical plant breeding and is. The company's hybrid seedlings grown pistachios are high in relation to salinity and drought, cold Vgrma very resistant and free of …

Pistachio cultivation advantages associated with a hybrid base

Aria Rafsanjan plants producing the best hybrid seedlings and to reform the US is in the country . The advantage of using hybrid seedlings is as below: ۱. Save 4 to 5 years old at the time and cost quite a birth certificate with a garden 2.dashtn. 3.atmynan of graft (Unfortunately, some links in traditional agriculture honest women …

The benefits of an American pistachio seedlings(Pistachio hybrid)

In traditional agriculture and assumes use of native seedlings, planting seedlings are transplanted in the ground until it is at least two to three years.. Pistachio modified hybrid base grow faster than the traditional base and higher resistance to cold, salinity and disease. The base higher performance than other varieties of pistachio and …

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Today's prices Persian date Esfand 11

Akbari Pistachio preference Ans24-22 50000 تومان پسته اکبری درجه دو انس 24-22 47000 تومان پسته کله قوچی انس 24-22 49000 تومان پسته کله قوچی انس 26-24 47000 تومان پسته احمد آقایی انس 26-24 49000 تومان پسته فندقی انس 34-32 37500 تومان پسته فندقی انس 36-34 36500 تومان پسته آبخندان (Industrial smiling) Klee Qvjy 30000 Toman

Sales of Rafsanjan Pistachio

-Sales of pistachios( Akbari-Ahmadaghaii-hazel-Kalleghoochi)

-Buy Salted Pistachios (jyly) And raw Major and Minor
-Buy brain , Mouth closed and Bkhndan
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Buy Pistachio tissue culture – American

Aria seedlings Rafsanjan Pistachio producer of the highest quality hybrid seedlings in the world

Production of seedlings using tissue culture with experienced professionals from the biotechnology - Plant breeding and pharmaceuticals done .

The best feature, giving the trees to other trees :

  • Very rapid growth
  • Resistant variety of diseases
  • Resistant to frost
  • Resistant to drought and soil salinity
  • More than other crop seedlings

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Smart Buy Fertilizers Water Retention


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Contain preservatives, water and nutrients

This product is the result of research Water Retention founder of Desert Aria doctor Ehsan Askari Holy Shit universities in America and trying to manufacture products that compete with foreign ones.
Water Retention organic fertilizer composed of two parts that make it up the cow and chicken manure for plants and minerals such as calcium, potassium and water and preservatives …
The advantages of this fertilizer:

1.The manure retains moisture in the root zone will increase irrigation efficiency
2.Prevent the return of water to the soil surface and evaporate it and thereby prevent soil salinity.
3.In areas that are dehydrated, causing the manure acts as a miracle plant vitality and joy
4.Prevent leaching of nutrients and maintaining these elements in the root zone
5.Increase fertilizer efficiency
6.Contribute to the formation of soil aggregates
7.Permeable soil and improve its ventilation
8.Help develop and maintain healthy root
9.Contribute to the development of beneficial soil microorganisms
10.Trapped toxins and heavy metals and prevent their absorption by plants
11.Less irrigation product More
12.The possibility of increasing efficient use of fertilizers and irrigation intervals and ultimately reduce production costs .


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