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News talk pistachio varieties of high-yield varieties change:

Haj Mahmoud Mohammadi: تغییر ارقام پسته به رقم های پربازده توجه به توصیه های اسلام در استفاده صحیح از خاک و زمین است 29/فروردین/1396 🔹مهندس عباس سعیدی مدیر کل سازمان جهاد کشاورزی استان کرمان به همراه مهندس زارعی رییس جهاد کشاورزی شهرستان زرند از روند تغییر پیوند و کاشت بیش از 30هزار نهال پسته در دهستان محمدآباد زرند بازدید داشتند. …

Interview with Mr. Kazemi is one of Iran's pistachio exports to the US

First, we should start from the point that the problem of Iranian pistachio production basis is the part? In answer to such questions Kazemi said that Iranian pistachio production in the agricultural sector as well as industries (Cleaning and packaging outfit) Crisis is. The springs that could be unaware of the problems of farmers stated Vtvlydgran. Because now …

Tales Festival and the Association of novelists Rafsanjan Pistachio plan

Rafsanjan Pistachio is a project of the Association novelists and story festival, which is set in the city's long-term vision for the country and perhaps all of the country's pistachio held . Supporters of the Festival of the Department of Culture and Public Relations copper Rafsanjan Rafsanjan . Question : Is novelists Forum …

Museum of Rafsanjan Pistachio guidance from the Head of the Department of Culture Mr. Mohammadabadi-interview

Interview with Head of the Department of Culture of Rafsanjan Pistachio city of Rafsanjan Pistachio Museum of Rafsanjan Pistachio site : ضمن تشکر از جناب آقای ایمان محمد آبادی ریاست محترم اداره فرهنگ از این که درخواست ما را برای مصاحبه پذیرفته اند صمیمانه متشکریم سایت پسته رفسنجان بعنوان بزرگترین پرتال پسته کشور و حمایت از تولیدکنندگان و مصرف کنندگان این محصول گرانقدر


Today's prices Persian date Esfand 11

Akbari Pistachio preference Ans24-22 50000 تومان پسته اکبری درجه دو انس 24-22 47000 تومان پسته کله قوچی انس 24-22 49000 تومان پسته کله قوچی انس 26-24 47000 تومان پسته احمد آقایی انس 26-24 49000 تومان پسته فندقی انس 34-32 37500 تومان پسته فندقی انس 36-34 36500 تومان پسته آبخندان (Industrial smiling) Klee Qvjy 30000 Toman

Sales of Rafsanjan Pistachio

-Sales of pistachios( Akbari-Ahmadaghaii-hazel-Kalleghoochi)

-Buy Salted Pistachios (jyly) And raw Major and Minor
-Buy brain , Mouth closed and Bkhndan
-Buy Mshtghat pistachios (Pistachio butter, pistachio Qavvt and ...)

For advice and information please contact the following price Pistachio number
Phone number: Mr. Ranjbar
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Buy Pistachio tissue culture – American

Aria seedlings Rafsanjan Pistachio producer of the highest quality hybrid seedlings in the world

Production of seedlings using tissue culture with experienced professionals from the biotechnology - Plant breeding and pharmaceuticals done .

The best feature, giving the trees to other trees :

  • Very rapid growth
  • Resistant variety of diseases
  • Resistant to frost
  • Resistant to drought and soil salinity
  • More than other crop seedlings

Send to all parts of the country !

Direction, Buy Advice and get more information or to obtain a contract with the company, please contact the following numbers :

Phone Call ( Mr. Zeinali) : 09135459282

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Smart Buy Fertilizers Water Retention


Recommended by Site Rafsanjan Pistachio

Contain preservatives, water and nutrients

This product is the result of research Water Retention founder of Desert Aria doctor Ehsan Askari Holy Shit universities in America and trying to manufacture products that compete with foreign ones.
Water Retention organic fertilizer composed of two parts that make it up the cow and chicken manure for plants and minerals such as calcium, potassium and water and preservatives …
The advantages of this fertilizer:

1.The manure retains moisture in the root zone will increase irrigation efficiency
2.Prevent the return of water to the soil surface and evaporate it and thereby prevent soil salinity.
3.In areas that are dehydrated, causing the manure acts as a miracle plant vitality and joy
4.Prevent leaching of nutrients and maintaining these elements in the root zone
5.Increase fertilizer efficiency
6.Contribute to the formation of soil aggregates
7.Permeable soil and improve its ventilation
8.Help develop and maintain healthy root
9.Contribute to the development of beneficial soil microorganisms
10.Trapped toxins and heavy metals and prevent their absorption by plants
11.Less irrigation product More
12.The possibility of increasing efficient use of fertilizers and irrigation intervals and ultimately reduce production costs .


In these cases, use of fertilizer can :
All trees, plants and flowers and the best option for lawn and garden .

To purchase the fertilizer factory price of the official representative of the company contact number .

Mr. Zeinali : 09135459282

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